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    Why BrandZone?
    BrandZone will always keep you informed about the latest price changes within your
    competitors in all retail and online sales channels.
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    We offer our clients a friendly web tool “root” for analyzing the leaflets,
    advertisements, promoted products and prices.
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    Our Solutions
    BrandZone provides price and campaign intelligence services to measure
    causal performance, return on investment and pricing strategies.

Our Solutions

Flyers & Advertisements Monitoring

We track and analyze flyers (digital and in store) and advertisements continuously.

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Online Price Monitoring

We track online item-level prices for thousands of products on an hourly basis.

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Online Banner Monitoring

We track and report the campaign / promotions banner on e-commerce web sites.

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In-Store Monitoring

We identify and analyze the pricing and promotions for the defined stores and SKUs.

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We provide current day promotions and benchmarks every morning and afternoon.

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Weekly & Monthly Analyses

We serve detailed analyses shaped according to the sector and customers.

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