Flyers & Advertisements Monitoring

Database & Digital Archive

We offer our clients a friendly tool – “root” for analyzing the leaflets, advertisements and promoted products

  • Database of all campaigns / promotions published in flyers and advertisements including their price, stock, products specs and other information.
  • Digital archive of all leaflets and advertisements published

brandzone coverage


  • In store flyers / leaflets published by retail chains and distributed with newspapers or via Internet
  • The promotional advertisements in newspapers and magazines
  • TV Channel Advertisements
  • The price lists of the dealers


About the leaflet / flyer : The retail chain, type of store, validity, name of the leaflet, number of pages, number of products, circulation, the store name if the leaflet is in-store,

About the promotion : The SKU name, supplier, retail chain, type of store, product category, stock, bundle information, promotion validity, original price, discounted price, page number, leaflet type

brandzone features

Online Price Monitoring

brandzone pawerful reporting mechanism

Powerful Reporting Mechanism

  • Hourly alert e-mails when price changes occur on e-commerce web sites.
  • Price comparison of the models/SKUs in online stores
  • Online past price trend analyzes
  • Limit the alert e-mails according to price change percentage or absolute value
  • Daily summary e-mails on demand

Manual Product Matching

Our editors enter the product URLs into our “root” system and check the links repeatedly. When performing product matching, our team will check not only product names, but also technical specs and product images - in order to ensure that a match is indeed a proper one.

  • The products checked on e-commerce web sites and manually linked by our editors
  • Bundle promotion URLs of the products included
  • Multiple new URL checks per week for inactive e-commerce channels


brandzone online competition daily summary

Online Competition Daily Summary

  • Daily Summary of the brand’s top models and matching competitor models/SKUs
  • Comparison of the competitor models/SKUs in each sales channel according to price difference in percentage and value.
  • Price change captures of the day

Online Banner Monitoring

We track and report the campaign / promotions banner on e-commerce web sites.

  • Reports of the online campaigns of the day
  • Entry of the promotions to the “root” web portal in terms of Sales channel, brand, price and Product specs.
  • Correlation of the banner campaigns with flyer, advertisement campaigns

brandzone online banner monitoring

In-Store Monitoring

brandzone in store monitoring

We identify and analyze the pricing and promotions for the defined stores and SKUs. Our solution helps you optimizing your range and manage in-store promotions.

  • In store price tracking of selected models in selected stores.
  • Customer based in store monitoring projects.