Daily Newsletters

  • Every morning for the current day advertisements and digital flyers
  • In the afternoon for the current day in store flyers and catalogs
  • Start and end dates, publication type, media channel and store information
  • The promotions information in the excel file as an attachment
  • Brand, sales channel, product, property, price and stocks information

brandzone daily newsletters

brandzone online price campaign newsletters

Online Price / Campaign Newsletters

  • Hourly alert e-mails for the price changes on e-commerce web sites.
  • Daily competition benchmark newsletters
  • Current day banner promotions newsletters

Weekly & Monthly Analyses

Category / Brand / Channel Analysis

  • Promotions and price change activities
  • Promotions calendars of the competitors
  • Brand and retailer promotions / online activity shares
  • Category / Sector based comparisons

Pricing Analysis

  • Weighted average price comparisons
  • Online price change trend comparisons
  • Discount rates
  • Detailed price category analyses

brandzone pricing analysis

SKU / Model Analysis

  • SKU/Model based past time price or promotion trends
  • Price and specification comparison of the SKUs
  • Hitlists according to categories