Price and Campaign Tracking

  • Founded in 2012, BrandZone has developed many methods for tracking and reporting prices and campaigns on e-commerce channels over the years. Thanks to our e-commerce panel and newsletters; prices and campaigns on online marketplaces, mobile apps, other e-commerce channels or price comparison sites can be reported as often as desired.

  • With manual product matching support and controls from our editors, we offer excellent product matching quality. With our online web panel, support teams, daily reports and competition analysis, you can compare e-commerce prices and campaigns by applying the filters you want.

  • In addition to the lowest priced channel, seller and price; information such as buybox, average price, number of sellers, number of channels can be accessed. Our graphs and analyses, which we prepare and create the rules for the company, offer insights that can make a difference.

  • All reported data can be transferred to other technology platforms and business intelligence tools with API integration.

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Availability and Assortment

  • In our e-commerce panel and newsletters, it is possible to see and quickly analyze price and campaign information as well as stock information.

  • You can increase your sales by optimizing product availability and diversity on a brand, retailer, region, and store basis. You can determine your strategies by checking the availability of your competitors.

Share of Search and Product Ranking

  • On e-commerce sites, the visibility of your product and where it ranks on the page is very important.

  • Even if you have optimized prices and variety, you may lose sales if your product is not on the homepage, search results, or bestseller lists.

  • We prepare various analyses by following the data such as homepage, bestsellers, most liked ones, most reviewed, keyword searches in detail. Thanks to our competitive analyses prepared on the basis of retailer, brand and category, it is possible to reach visibility share trends and changes quickly. Analyses can be prepared according to the criteria you set.

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Content, Category and Seller Analyses

  • On e-Commerce sites, it is very important that the products are in the right categories with the right definitions and images. In addition, which seller sells which brands and products in online marketplaces, the seller's score and seller-based product rankings also affect sales.

  • Thanks to our analyses, you can easily uncover problematic products and optimize titles and descriptions with keywords. You can compare category trees on a retailer and brand basis and make sure the right visuals are used. If there are seller-specific issues, you can easily identify them.

Product Ratings and Reviews

  • Today, shoppers are very likely to look at the scores and reviews of products online. In the process of purchasing, consumers now have access to more information than they ever had. Companies have to take action by carefully and quickly analyzing the footprints of consumers while providing an end-to-end experience.

  • By comparing the scores and reviews of the products on the basis of channel and brand; you can get a lot of insights from product quality, delivery performance, return processes, quality of after-sales services. Thanks to our reports, you can access all this information and identify underperforming products and sellers with reasons.

brandzone daily newsletters