why brandzone?

Price Wars Are Heating Up

Competition is hotter than ever due to rival brands and retailers. BrandZone will always keep you informed about the latest price changes within your competitors in all retail and online sales channels. You will be able to track, monitor and evaluate your market position directly and continuously.

Managing the Speed of Change

The speed of changes in a price sensitive market is effecting more decisions every day. Today, business success in other words market share of Brands and Retailers is all about speed. BrandZone will provide you detailed & customizable reports and intelligence services to keep an eye on your competitors.

e-Commerce Fight is Intense

E-Commerce is transforming the retail industry every day; the competition is getting intense and the price changes can be dramatic for Brands and Retailers. BrandZone will provide you online intelligence services and alerts to understand instant pricing dynamics of item-level products and online sales channels instantly.