Price & Promotions

  • Founded in 2012, BrandZone has developed many methods for tracking prices and promotions on e-commerce channels over the years.

  • We can track all marketplaces, mobile apps, online shops or price comparison sites thanks to our expertise.

  • We make sure to provide excellent product matching quality.

  • Our reports show the complete view of competitor price index, price changes and historical trends.

  • All data can be transferred to other technology platforms and business intelligence tools with API integration.

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  • Our data, analytics and alerts help you manage your availability paying attention to priority products.

  • Our reports highlight the out-of-stock items and detect products and retailers with constant availability issues.

Share & Ranking

  • Our share & ranking report is an indicator for the market share.

  • Our bestsellers reports show how brands are dominating the top selling products for a given category or keyword search.

  • Ranking on the first page matters. Our ranking reports show how brands are visible and discoverable in retailer search results.

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  • Our reports show which products are not meeting the standards and established rules on digital shelf.

  • You can benchmark product descriptions, titles, images and videos against competitors and take fast action.

Rating & Review

  • Ratings & reviews are critically important. Our rating & review scorecards show how brands are performing in terms of review counts and star ratings compared to competitors.

  • Our rating & review metrics show products having too few reviews, new negative reviews, velocity of new reviews and low star ratings.

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Buy Box & Seller

  • More than 80% of sales go through the Buy Box. Our Buy Box reports show directions to win the Buy Box and provide insights to manage the Buy Box strategy.

  • Our seller reports show the seller-specific issues to deploy strategies.