Daily Tracking and Reporting

  • On a daily basis; we share all the published promotions of technology, national, local, discount, wholesale and perfumery chains with detailed product and category analysis attached.

  • We track flyers and advertisements for FMCG and Consumer Technology categories every day and report them with all product, campaign and publication details.

  • In addition to digitally available flyers, we also track flyers that can only be found in the stores thanks to our store visits.

  • All publication and product details can be accessed with our daily publication bulletin and online web panel.

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Comprehensive Analyses

  • We offer trend analysis and price-product comparisons at sales channel, brand, category, product level.

  • Publication-category analyses and historical product-price trends that can be integrated with all sales data can be accessed with our online web panel and monthly analysis.

  • Thanks to our software development and data analytics teams, we are able to offer customer-specific solutions. We prepare competition analyses determining specific growth opportunities.